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Mister-Auto and B-Parts Partnership - Your Source for
Quality Used Car Parts

Mister-Auto joined forces with B-Parts to unlock a world of possibilities for all your auto parts needs. With our combined expertise, we present an extensive catalogue of over 6,500,000 original used car parts.

Whether you need airbags, body parts, electrics, electronics, interior components, lights, engine and transmission parts, sets, or suspension elements, we have what your vehicle needs. Finding the right car parts has never been easier.

Why Choose Mister-Auto - B-Parts?

Guaranteed Quality

We stand behind the quality of our products, offering a warranty of up to 24 months.

6,500,000 Auto Parts

Our catalogue is organised into eight categories with millions of original used car parts for over 60 brands.

 Customer Satisfaction

We provide a hassle-free return policy, giving you a 14-day window to return any car part.


Say goodbye to endless searches and limited options. With us, you'll always have a vast display of choices, making your automotive journey seamless and satisfying.
Embrace the future of auto parts shopping with the Mister-Auto - B-Parts partnership. Discover the advantages of our collaboration, and explore our extensive stock of used original car parts.

Principal used part categories


We believe in the power of quality and affordability. By offering a wide range of used car parts, we help you save money without compromising on quality and maintaining the performance of your car.

150 experts ready to help you
Price & safety
Same day shipping
Easy return
for 30 days