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Our snow chains brands

Get your car ready for the winter!

Winter is around the corner, and it's important to be well equipped to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Mister-Auto offers a large selection of snow chains at great prices! Whether you need high performance chains or best value for money, we have what you need!

Michelin Easy Grip snow chains


If you need high performance in all weather conditions, then try out the new Easy Grip snow chains from Michelin. The Easy Grip chains are made in a lightweight mesh structure, composed of galvanised steel, to provide you the optimal traction. The Michelin chains are a true technological innovation that guarantee you safety and driving pleasure.

König snow chains


Italian innovation for the snow chain leader König was established in 1966 in Lecco Italy in the Alps area, where snow chains are strictly needed in case of snow. The company developed and launched several new products in the years and this made König brand highly renown as the most innovative market player in the snow chains industry. In 2004 König has been acquired by the Swedish company THULE. In 2015 König has been acquired by the Austrian company Schneeketten ag. This acquisition has created a new worldwide leader in the snow chain business.

Bölk snow chains


Do you occasionally need snow chains, and are you looking to get the best value for money? Then choose the snow chains from Bölk: Mister-Auto's own brand.

How to choose the right snow chains

The snow chains are composed of metal links and are to be placed around the tyre. Their role is to strengthen the grip in slippery areas. The snow chains are to be installed on the drive wheels of the vehicle, which means they should be installed on the front wheels of a front wheel drive or on the rear wheel of a rear wheel drive vehicle..

To find the snow chains that are suitable for your vehicle, use our selector to fill in the information about the dimensions of your tyres (height, width, diameter). With just a few clicks you will find what you are looking for!

Another alternative for smaller budgets: The snow socks! Also called car socks, the snow sock is the ideal solution for smaller distances in flat and slightly snowy areas. Although very convenient for exceptional use, the life durance is somewhat limited: about 12,5 miles

Precautions to take when fitting your snow chains

Before fitting your snow chains

  • For a better security and comfort, try practice fitting the chains before leaving. In order to do so, place your car on level ground, in a place where it's dry and there is enough light.
  • Store them in your trunk or in a place where they are easily accessible.

If you should need to apply the chains

  • Park your car away from the road (on highway, do not use the emergency lane, but prefer a rest stop area)
  • Equip yourself with warm clothes and gloves, and not to mention some cloths and a lamp if it's dark.

After having fitted the chains

  • Tighten your chains again after a few miles.
  • Do not drive more than 31 mph, and even less according to the recommendations from certain car part suppliers.
  • Avoid driving on non-snowy surfaces. If this is not possible, avoid acceleration and to hard braking.

After having used the snow chains

  • To avoid rapid premature wear from the salted roads, clean your snow chains after use. To preserve them, wash them in hot water and dry them well before putting them back in their packaging.

Quality Control Labels


TÜV The TÜV label provides a guarantee for production, quality, reliability and safety standards.


V5117 ÖNORM The V5117 Önorm determines the applied norms and fitting instructions for snow chains suitable for M1 (recreational vehicles and small vans), N1 (vehicles up to 3.5t), O1 (trailers up to 750 kg) and O2 (trailers up to 3.5t) vehicles. The label also determines the minimal traction standard for the snow chains, provided they are fitted correctly.

Non-chainable vehicles

Most of todays vehicles are non-chainable. Over time the size of our tyres has increased, limiting the space around the wheels and thus prevented the mounting of traditional snow chains. To overcome this kind of inconvenience, Mister-Auto offers the Thule K-SLIM chains, which are easy to fit onall kind of non-chainable cars ! Known and recognized by its users, the Thule K-SLIM chains are appreciated for their strength, and especially for their small footprint.
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