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Front shock absorber

What is a Shock Absorber?

Shock absorbers are hydraulic dampers that are designed to absorb the shocks experienced whilst driving. They work by converting the kinetic energy generated from the shock into heat which is then dissipated. Within a car, they are generally combined with springs and cushions to further enhance comfort levels on a variety of surfaces. Featuring spring loaded check valves and orifices to control the flow of oil, a shock absorber helps improve ride quality and vehicle handling.

As a part of the larger vehicle suspension system (and recognised as a component of the car “safety triangle”), shock absorbers are found at both the front and rear of your car. Naturally, shock absorbers are subject to constant use whenever you are driving and so, over time, they will suffer wear and tear that impairs the functionality of each unit. There are a number of warning signs that can help you identify damaged or ineffective shock units, allowing you to buy new shock absorbers before further damage to your car can be sustained. Please also note that shock absorbers should always be replaced in pairs.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Shock Absorbers

It is important to recognize the early warning signs that your shock absorbers may be failing. Not only will ineffective shock absorbers cause further damage to your car but, in some cases, they may drastically affect the safe operation of your vehicle. Here, we have summarized a number of tell-tale signs that you need to buy new shock absorbers.

  • Longer Stopping Distances

    If you begin to notice that your stopping distances are increasing when braking, it may be an issue with your shock absorbers. Faulty or ineffective shock absorbers can increase your stopping distances drastically and, effectively render your vehicle unsafe. If this issue presents itself, you should purchase new shock absorbers immediately.

  • Loss of Handling

    With failing shock absorbers, the handling of your car may be affected. This issue may present itself as swerving or nose-diving under braking; sliding or veering across roads in wind; or rocking over uneven surfaces. This may be particularly hazardous during wet weather, with any loss of control endangering both pedestrians and yourself.

  • Vibration

    Vibrations within the car may also be down to worn shocks. Often, these can be felt in the steering wheel, although passengers in the back seats may also be able to identify them during the journey. Cautious driving is recommended here, as vibrations will increase at high speeds.

  • Uneven Tyre Wear

    Uneven tyre swear is a sure sign that your shock absorbers are not working optimally. In part, shock absorbers are used to ensure that your tyres adhere to the road. If you notice that the tyre wear is greater in some parts of your tyre than others, then the shocks are not doing their job correctly and you will experience reduced control of your vehicle.

Buying Shock Absorbers from Mister-Auto

If you identify any of the issues above, then it may be time to buy new shock absorbers. Thankfully, here at Mister-Auto, we make it quick and easy for you to source parts and accessories of any kind. Featuring a comprehensive range of replacement parts from all major brands, Mister-Auto helps you find the right part for your car. With support for all makes and models from both the foreign and domestic market, our website is your one-stop shop whenever you need to repair or maintain your vehicle.

Established in 2007, Mister-Auto is one of the top suppliers of car parts and accessories in Europe, offering discounts of up to 60%. Additionally, our broad catalogue is underpinned by unrivalled service and support. Orders are shipped quickly and efficiently and benefit from our 14 day returns policy. Why not order your shock absorbers from Mister-Auto today and ensure that your car remains roadworthy.

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Front shock absorber
Front shock absorber
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