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FIAT car parts

The history of FIAT seen by Mister-Auto

The Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (FIAT) was created in 1899 by Giovanni Agnelli who was its chairman until his death in 1945. Fiat in history Fiat’s first car was the 31/2 CV. In 1915, Fiat issued the 501, which had a larger backseat than its predecessor. The car was very popular and sales rose to 45 000 worldwide. By the 1920’s Fiat produced 80% of Italy’s cars. In 1932 Fiat marketed the 508 Ballila, which was nicknamed “tariffa minima” (low cost). In 1936 the smallest car in the world, the 500 was mass-produced. Due to its size, the latter is quickly given the nickname “Topolino” meaning little mouse in Italian. During both world wars, Fiat manufactures aircraft, military engines, vans and ambulances. After World War II in 1953, the first Fiat on diesel oil was produced and updated version of the 500 was produced in 1957. Over the years,despite a declining market share, various Fiat models have been voted ‘Car of the Year’ including the Fiat124 (1967), the 128 (1970), the Uno (1984), the Tipo(1989), and the Punto (1995 . From 80% during the 1920s, Fiat held 62% of the Italian car market in 1984 and just over 40% by the end of the 1990s. In 1986 Fiat bought Alfa Romeo from the Italian government and alligned with the American Chrysler in 2009. In addition, Fiat owns car part manufacturer Magneti Marelli. Fiat in sport Fiat has been represented on the racing course since 1902 when it participated with 9 cars in the Tour of Italy.
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