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What are the delivery options?

Mister Auto offers several delivery options.

Mister Auto deliveres to the given personal or work address

Your packages are in good hands, Mister-Auto works with trusted carriers (DPD,DHL express).

How to follow the delivery of my order ?

As soon as the carrier takes charge of your order, you will be notified of the shipment of your package and its shipment number, by email and/or sms. Your package is then on its way!

To follow its routing, go to the carrier's website with the reference number received in the shipping email. For information, it is active 24 to 48 hours after its emission.

This follow-up is also accessible in your customer account, under the heading "My orders".

Please check the delivery time according to the delivery method chosen when ordering, and do not hesitate to report an abnormally high delay to your Mister-Auto Customer Service by giving us your order number.

By phone at 08 18 00 01 51 from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm(price of a local call)

by mail via our contact space

How to benefit from free delivery?

Free delivery is available during our promotional campaigns on certain delivery methods. It may be applicable on specific products in our online catalogue. 
You can also benefit from our offers by using our mobile application. 
Remember to check the conditions applicable to current offers. 

Can I be delivered in 24 hours?

You can be delivered in 24 hours from the date of your order provided that it meets 2 criteria:

- Choose parts indicated ""Shipped today"".

- Select an express delivery method.

For parts marked "Shipped Today", keep an eye on the counter indicating the remaining order time!

Express delivery can be made the next day at home or in a company
As soon as the carrier takes charge of your order, you will be notified of the shipment of your parcel and its delivery number by email and/or sms.

To track your order, consult the shipment tracking in your customer account, section ""My orders"". However, it is possible that the tracking number of your package is active only after 24 to 48 hours.

How do I cancel my order?

Did you make a mistake or change your mind? This is your right.

We invite you to contact the Mister-Auto Customer Workshop to cancel the order if the status allows it.

If the status does not allow it, you will be invited to refuse the delivery for return and refund.

What should I do if I have not received my parcel?

Is your package late?

Check the tracking status of your customer account to see if it has been shipped or if it has been cancelled.

 - Your parcel has been shipped but the estimated delivery time that was communicated to you when your parcel was shipped has not yet passed: you must wait for this time to expire before contacting Mister-Auto Customer Service 

 - Your parcel has been shipped but the estimated delivery time that was communicated to you when your parcel was shipped has already passed: you can contact Mister-Auto Customer Service to initiate an investigation with the carrier. You will be kept informed and we will do everything necessary to ensure that your parcel is delivered as soon as possible.

What should I do if my package is incomplete?

You have ordered several items but have not received your entire order?

First of all, check in your customer account whether the delivery announced is grouped in a single shipment or separated into several packages. Follow the signposting: "My Account"/"My Orders" then select the order concerned.

If the delivery is announced as a single parcel, make sure to check your parcel in the presence of the delivery person, to make a reservation if necessary on the delivery note and to take photos of the parcel received, then contact Mister-Auto by email via your Customer account. 
After studying your complaint, you may be offered a return of the missing product or a refund. In any case, our teams will inform you of the conclusion of the study of your complaint.

What should I do if my package is damaged or deteriorated?

First of all, do not hesitate to consult the FAQ What are the steps to follow when receiving my order?

If your package is presented to you damaged or deteriorated, make reservations before accepting it or refuse it. It will then be returned to us. Be sure to notify us by email via your customer account.

If you have accepted the product, make sure to take pictures of the package and the items received. Then initiate a procedure to return your order:

either via your Customer account on

or via your Mister-Auto Customer Service

What if I want to dispute the delivery of my package?

The status of your orders is indicated in your customer account. If you have not received an order announced as "delivered", you must first check that your package has not been dropped off at a neighbor's house or given to the janitor of your residence.

If your package has not been delivered to a third party, you must report it to the Mister-Auto Customer Workshop. We will open an investigation with the carrier and will ask you, if necessary, for a certificate of protest of delivery.

If the package is lost, you will have to confirm whether you prefer a reshipment (free of charge) or a refund of your order.

Why can't I choose my own shipping method sometimes?

This depends on the specific product/ item in interest. some products are too long or heavy to be shipped internationally with different partners.

Why is my delivery delivered in several packages?

We make it a point of honor, whenever possible, to ship your order in a single package.

However, there are some exceptions that force us to deliver in several packages:

your order cannot fit in one package and requires several packages

your order contains items from different suppliers or with different delivery times.

In the event of receipt seeming incomplete, it is advisable first to check via "My Account / My orders" if this one was the subject of a sending in several packages

What should I do if my package was returned to you by the carrier?

If your address is incomplete, if you were absent at the time of delivery or if you did not pick up your package within the time limit, your order will be returned to us by the carrier.

We invite you to contact the Mister-Auto Customer Workshop, specifying your order number. You then choose whether you want the product to be returned to you or whether you prefer to be reimbursed for the amount of the part.

As soon as we receive the returned package, Mister-Auto will inform you by email of the processing of your request.

If you wanted the product to be sent back to you, a new tracking number is communicated to you by email and in your customer account.

Can a third party pick up my package?

If the delivery partner simply completes the delivery by leaving the package on the front door it is possible for someone to accept the take in the package for your security.

How to follow the validation of my order ?

The Mister-Auto Customer Workshop informs you by email of the confirmation of your order as soon as the payment is received.

Note that we may ask you for additional information to ensure the compliance of orders and thus avoid any inconvenience.

How do I track the payment of my order?

Your customer account, under the heading "My orders", is your GPS for tracking your payment.

Please note that the payment method selected during your order may imply a validation delay. This is particularly the case for bank transfers.

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your payment is validated. The status of your order then changes to "in preparation

What should I do if my reference is not available?

Mister Auto makes every effort to ensure the availability of the items presented on the site. However, if your article is not available after your order, you will be informed of the cancellation as soon as possible.

You can be reimbursed via the payment method you used when you placed your order

What are the steps to follow upon receipt of my order?

Take the time to check the condition of the packaging and the contents of the package.

If the package is delivered without a signature, if the packaging and/or the contents are damaged, it is imperative to take photos to prove their condition upon receipt.
In the case of a delivery with signature, if the package is damaged, check the contents before signing and explain your reservations on the delivery note of the carrier. Attention, the only mention ""under reserve of unpacking"" is not enough, the possible damages must be clearly mentioned.

If the goods are obviously damaged, you can refuse the parcel and inform us so that we can do what is necessary upon receipt of the returned parcel.

How to follow the preparation of my order?

Go to your customer account, section "My orders" to follow the preparation of your order.

For each of your orders, the status of validation, preparation or shipping is indicated, you can follow it in real time!

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