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CASTROL car parts

Car Part Manufacturer CASTROL

The brand Castrol is well-known for the production of lubricants. In the automobile industry, Castrol is predominantly known for its high-quality engine oil. Castrol was created in 1899 by Charles ‘Cheers’ Wakefield. Wakefield had high expectations for the combustion engine and its possibilities. As a result, Castrol oil was introduced into the automobile industry early on. Castrol quickly acquiered a good reputation which lead to the usage of Castrol engine oil in the racing industry. After race cars, engine oil went on to be used in normal passenger cars thanks to Wakefield’s capacity to make use of the excellent results that were achieved in races. Today Castrol is a multinational company with 10 000 employees all over the world. Castrol products are available in over 60 countries and the company disposes of an enormous distribution network of over 100 countries worldwide.
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